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    Xiamen Jinbaili Metals Co.,Ltd is committed to  high-precision CNC machining and auto machining manufacture,provides customized fabrication service,personalization service and mass production of high precision spare parts business for customers.Our major business involves in viation parts, medical equipment accessories, cars parts and optical parts, etc.The machines we currently have :Japanese Star Swiss type CNC lathe, Taiwan goodway high-speed car milling compound machine,the vertical machining center, automatic lathes and other modern production equipment.As one of the integrated service-oriented modern enterprise,we have a number of highly qualified management, business and technicist.With rapid response ability,quality guarantee system and level of cost control as the core competitiveness, through close to customer's technical service, quality process and business processing capabilities to provide clients with value-added services,make customers more skilled in their main business, thus improving customer value.


    We produce custom design turned metal parts even of large dimensions since 2003. The experience gained in automated CNC turning and investments in advanced machinery and software have enabled us to become a reference point at the national and European level for the production of complex parts in different materials.

    Our products are intended for applications in various industrial sectors including the pneumatic, electromechanical, automotive electronics, health and medical sectors. We are able to meet the most demanding quality standards given our ability to perform complex and precise machining with very tight tolerances.

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